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The purpose of this site is to help inspire people from all walks of life to fall in love with the greatest sport in the world. We strive to provide high-quality Major League Soccer and International Soccer content.

Major League Soccer

We recognize the growing love in the United States for Major League Soccer and want to provide high-quality content for their fans. Coverage will include will include:

  • MLS major news
  • MLS regular season
  • MLS Cup playoffs & final
  • MLS competitions (e.g. Concacaf Champions League, Campeones Cup, Leagues Cup)

General Soccer

Additionally, we contain detailed articles that apply to the entire soccer pack based on years of soccer experience and knowledge:


Whether just starting as a recreational soccer player or having years of experience for an elite club, soccer players are always wanting to improve their game. Plenty of articles under the players’ tab are available to help take any soccer player to the next level.


Many coaches start off by coaching their child’s recreational soccer team. Being that there are so many parents starting off with very little knowledge of how to run practices or games, here at The Soccer Pack we got your back!

In the coaches section of this site, you will find a wealth of knowledge to help you manage your team like a pro.


Refereeing is such an important aspect of the game but usually doesn’t receive the praise it deserves. Most soccer referees start off as volunteers at the grassroots levels a have very basic knowledge of game rules.

It can be a very intimidating assignment because if a referee lacks game rules knowledge and confidence, parents and coaches alike will definitely give a referee a difficult time. Here at The Soccer Pack, we understand the tremendous value that referees bring to the game of soccer and our articles help give refs the knowledge and confidence to call a game fairly and accurately.


The Soccer Pack definitely has a deep understanding of how important fans are to the game. The game of soccer can be very difficult to understand to the hundreds of thousands of new fans that the sport attracts worldwide on a yearly basis. General soccer content is provided to help you better understand the game.

Our pledge here at The Soccer Pack is to deliver high-quality Major League Soccer and International soccer content. Additionally, we love to add content that applies to every aspect of the game and every person that plays a role in the game.

Thank you for visiting as we hope to become a significant source of inspiration, knowledge, and direction for the game we all love.

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Mike Rodriguez author and creator of The Soccer Pack

Mike Rodriguez

Author and Creator of The Soccer Pack

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